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SUPPLIMENTATION OF hydroelectric power producing areas development commission

TThe Council shall have the power to--

  1. Make broad policy and oversee the affairs of the Commission;
  2. provide policy guidelines for carrying out the functions of the Commissions.
  3. enter and inspect premises, project and such place as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying out its function under this Act.
  4. approve the payment to the staff of the Commission such remunerations and allowances as are payable to persons with equivalent grade in the Civil Service of the Federation
  5. enter into such contract as may be necessary or expedient for the discharge of its functions and ensure the efficient performance of the functions of the Commission.
  6. approve the appointment, promotion and discipline of senior stuff of the Commission
  7. Members of the Council shall be paid such remuneration and allowances as the Federal Government may determine

Why Choose Us?

Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HPPADC) represents organisations and individuals committed to the responsible, sustainable development of hydropower, rural environment, infrastructure, etc.

We are a non-profit membership organisation with a mission to advance sustainable hydropower by building and sharing knowledge on its role in renewable energy systems, responsible freshwater management and climate change solutions.